My Home Away From Home

This right here is my home away from home, my VT home and family. Today we went to the Manning household for a BBQ of epic proportions. Lots of food, family, and friends. Stella was running around their big back yard playing with all of the other dogs and was definitely hanging out with Emmet, hoping he would throw a spare burger down at her. I had SO MUCH good food! Whenever I go to this place I picture myself having a place like it someday. Nice house, huge yard, big family, and surround myself with great people, what else can you ask for? This was my sunday.


Oakledge and the BBQ!

Yesterday, Connor, Maryse, Stella, and I went to Oakledge around noon. We played some whiffle ball and just enjoyed the weather right by the water. Right after that I biked back into town while they went to the grocery store and picked up some food to BBQ. My bike ride was awesome, well almost awesome. When I got back into town I did the three spot check. Now every guy knows the 3 spot check. It’s the quick pocket check to make sure you have your keys, phone, and wallet. Unfortunately my back right pocket was empty, my wallet! So I frantically go back down Main St, and ride right back onto the bike bath and backtracked all the way back to Oakledge, nothing. A great day just turned into a bummer of a day. On my way back home I stopped and got a new debit card and proceeded to cancel my credit cards when I got to my house .

Then the BBQ started! Steak, burgers, turkey sausage, hot dogs, potato salad, Greek salad, and Birdy’s homebrewed beer. The day was DEFINITELY getting better. Then this kid was walking up to us, I didn’t know if he was going to ask for some food or if he was another one of my roomates friends and he asks, is this apartment E? I say ya who are you looking for? He pulls out my wallet haha! He said he found it on the bike path and must have looked me up on facebook or something to grab my address. I thanked him a million times, offered him a beer and some food but he declined. Thank God some little asshole didn’t grab my wallet.

Somebody said, “there’s not too many cities where you can lose your wallet and have it returned back to you.” I totally agree, Burlington has lots of great people living in it, and situations like this make me feel better about living up here in Vermont.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Growing up I always thought that I was a pretty lucky guy. I did well in school, was pretty talented in everything I pursued, and everything was on the up and up. Lately however, not so much. Once college ended I was forced to enter the real world. Now the real world did not seem so bad when I was in High School. Everyone said that if you went to college, and did well, you would find a good job and make great money. So I took that path. Decided to go to college with high hopes that it would pay off after four years. Once college ended, everything just seemed to fall apart. Every job  as well as other parts of my life slowly came apart at the seams.

Well now I’m here with my mind racing, wondering when I am going to catch a break. I am hopeful though! I am waiting to hear about some awesome job opportunities, I am living where I am most happy, I have great friends, and a great family who are all pushing for me. I know things will work out eventually and I’m hoping that time comes soon.

It’s about 65 and sunny today, SO NICE! I think some friends and I are going to go to Oak Ledge or something and play some whiffle ball, then probably skate later on. Have a good day!

“I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold
I’ll be fine once I get it, I’ll be good.”