I Messed Up

So all of the photos I took over the weekend and up to today are lost. I was uploading them and accidently pulled the USB out which ruined all the photos…bummer. Had a bunch of pictures of Lindsey and Birdy’s puppy Banjo. He is awesome! I also had a bunch of pictures from when we went to triple buckets and went cliff jumping but I will be back there again shortly!

The water is warming up due to the 90+ degree weather we have been having. Somebody told me the other day that Burlington was the hottest spot in the United States the other day…that’s rediculous. Today is nicer, not terribly hot but hot. I just joined a kickball league and tonight is my second night. It is SO fun! Sorry I have no pics for you but here is some sweet music I have found! Oh and I am going to Pennsylvania tomorrow for a memorial day party at Adam’s. Gonna see a bunch of old friends! Have a good weekend Burlington!

Ryan found this!

This is awesome!


Swimming, Gabe, Pat Smith!

So the weather has been so good to us up here in Burlington and we definitely took advantage of it over the weekend. We went to Oakledge a couple of times, went swimming, and hung out with a bunch of people. Pat Smith came up for the weekend as well. He is going to be shipping out for boot camp soon so he wanted one last weekend up in Burlington before he left. If you guys were wondering, yes he still is a funny ass kid. There is never a dull moment around him haha. Good luck over there and be safe dude! Last night we went to a drive-in movie theatre and saw Robin Hood and Date Night. They were both really good! OH and I met Gabe, Kate’s nephew. He is awesome! Check the pics!


Yesterday was a beautiful day. Weather cleared up and there was lots to do. We started off going to Essex to see Finchy’s soccer game. Unfortunately they had lost 2-1 but Finchy had their lone goal which was cool. We then went to the Manning’s house for the BBQ and bonfire. Top down on the jeep and driving the backroads to their house is the best, makes me fall back in love with VT again and again. So ya what do you do when you get to the Manning’s house? Beer, lots of food and company, dogs swimming in the streams and ponds, running around their huge yard, its a blast. Then when the sun started going down we lit the massive bonfire. Luke was playing the guitar piecing together the perfect ambiance for the evening. Another great time in Underhill!