Love This Song


Parents Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun! My parents decided to come up for the weekend and hang out. Friday my parents came by to check out my new place where we just hung out and tried to make plans for the weekend. We decided to go to the Farmhouse Friday night. The place was pretty sweet but I wasn’t too impressed with the menu. Lots of good beer and some nice outside seating though! After this we went to Red Square where we listened to a Reggae band outside. After more beers were consumed my parents decided get their groove on, dancing disco style to some reggae beats haha.

Saturday was a much more lazy day. We walked around downtown, and checked out the farmers market. That night we went down to Splash for some food by the water. My parents went back to their hotel earlier this night because they had to get up early on Sunday. I ended up going out with my roomates and meet up with my friend Meg. We ended up going to 80’s night that night and it was pretty fun!

Finchy’s 4th Grade Graduation Dinner!

Tonight I went over to the Manning’s house out in Underhill to celebrate Finchy’s graduation from the 4th grade. Got her some new bracelets which I guess are super popular these days and some arts and crafts things, she was happy about that. We had a couple drinks and an awesome dinner followed by ice cream for dessert! A pretty low key day for me. Going to go read my new book and pass out soon.

Finchy with her new gifts!