Found these two songs and dig em! Can’t find them online anywhere so here ya go. !!Right click to download!!

Miami Horror-Holidays

The Record Summer-An Enormous Anger Grows in Brooklyn



So where do I begin…haven’t put anything up here in a while. So I moved back down here to Massachusetts. VT had no work for me so I applied for jobs down here in Mass. I ended up getting lucky and got my first real job. I am a Marketing Coordinator for a technology company in Waltham Ma. My job entails many different things. I handle all of their social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, blog), I plan their events and tradeshows, lead generation work, and many other things. It has been going pretty well! I am learning a bunch and I am stoked to finally have some stability in a job. The biggest downside is the commute! BLAH! 495 to 24 to 128. THE WORST! But what can I say? I get to save up a bunch of money living at home and it’s good to be around the family again. So ya my weekdays are super low key. I end up going to bed at like 10 because I need to wake up so early, I actually kind of like it. When the weekend comes I am ready to go out and get some drinks with some old friends. So far it has been pretty good!

Last week a bunch of friends came down to visit from VT and we went to the Red Sox game. It was a blast! I got out of work a little early and met everyone at Boston Beer Works where we had a couple beers, we then tailgated for a bit, then went into the game. Sox won 7-5 and everyoned seemed to have a blast! Not much else has been going on. Really just focusing on work. Hope everyone is doing well up in VT, I will be up to see you guys soon enough!

Right Click to Download-Arcade Fire-Sprawl II

Right Click to Download-Au Revoire Simone-Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)

Right Click to Download-Bombay Bicycle Club-Ivy & Gold

Right Click to Download-Cee Lo Green-Fuck You