desmond.pa:  or play ping pong in a chinese opium den
under black lights
me:  lol
Sent at 9:40 AM on Tuesday
me:  time for a meeting
talk to you later homebooooy
desmond.pa:  late arnold schwarze nigger
desmond.pa:  ugh oh, if you already walked away i mighta just typed the n word on ur comp if someone walks by
i’ll cover it up by typing a lot more
i hope its not making noises every time i send something or else that’ll be more offensive than racial slurs on ur desktop
pat is a scholar and not a
biggot, he donates to charities
he’s a full-on-rapist
i mean philanthropist
if anyone sees this, i’m looking for work
Sent at 9:46 AM on Tuesday
me:  hahaha


So NASA’s space shuttle, The Discovery, landed the other day. Space exploration just blows my mind. How insane is it that we can do this kind of stuff? I read that the Discovery spent 365 days out in space and is NASA’s oldest space craft. This workhorse logged about 148 million miles of travel too! The Discovery ended its 27 year career the other day. Soon after the landing, NASA launched the new spacecraft named The Endeavor. They are looking to explore further out into space with this craft…insane! Well this big news has poured out some excellent photos from the Discovery missions. Check them out!

And on this note. Six men from Europe, Russia, and China got locked away for 520 days in a mock up space craft so NASA can test the isolation process. If all goes well these men will be going on a mission to Mars to try and figure out if it is possible to live on the red planet. 520 days just to test if this amount of isolation does not make you go crazy!

Ok and this guy used this backpack with thrusters to do this. This is the furthest anybody has ever been away from the craft. Scary stuff haha what if those thrusters stop working? SOL I guess!