Space Hotel

The age of space tourism might be closer than you think. In fact, if you have an extra $1 million lying around, five years from now you could be one of the first off-world adventurers to stay for five days in this orbiting hotel built by Russian company Orbital Technologies.

You’ll get there via a Russian Soyuz rocket, taking you about a day to reach the Commercial Space Station 217 miles above the earth. Once you catch up to the orbiting abode, you’ll settle in with your comrades — up to six other space tourists (or researchers) — for an unparalleled adventure, residing in four cabins aboard the space station.

While you’re traveling at 17,500 miles per hour in low earth orbit, you’ll be pampered with all the spacely amenities you can imagine, such as plenty of gourmet foods, a specially designed sealed shower, your choice of a vertical or horizontal bed (does it really matter in the microgravity of space?), and you might even get to sip some Tang spiked with your favorite vodka (okay, we made that last one up — unfortunately, alcohol will not be available).

Perhaps the best feature of the Commercial Space Station will be its large portholes, which will probably occupy most of your time as you gaze out into the cosmos and down at the earth below.

We’re just wondering if this trip can really be done for $1 million apiece, when Russia and the U.S. agreed in 2009 on a $51 million price for each Soyuz round trip. No matter what, it’s not going to be cheap. We can only hope there will be many private space ventures in operation during the next decade or two (so far, we’ve counted 9 private sector companies ready to take off into space), creating a competitive environment for such spectacular vacations that could bring the price down to mere stratospheric levels.

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Blows my mind what we can do these days. For a cool million you can spend 5 days in space. If I was filthy rich I would probably consider this. Well probably not, some serious problems could happen and that would freak me the hell out. Lets just say I would need about 100 people to do this successfully before I would jump in. Anybody have a million bucks to get rid of?


Dogs are awesome

Growing body of research says dogs really can smell cancer

A new study adds to the body of research suggesting that “man’s best friend” may actually be able to smell cancer.

Researchers in Germany found that dogs were able to pick up on the scent of organic compounds linked to the presence of lung cancer in the human body, and that their keen sense of smell may be useful for the early detection of the disease.

Growing body of research says dogs really can smell cancerFour family dogs – two  German shepherds, one Australian shepherd and one Labrador retriever – smelled test tubes containing breath samples of 220 patients, both those with lung cancer and those without it. The dogs were trained to lie down in front of the test tubes where they smelled lung cancer and touch the vial with their noses. According to the study, the dogs successfully identified lung cancer in 71 out of 100 patients with the disease


Another article showing why dogs are the best. 71% is actually pretty awesome. I bet my dog would be around 90%. Shes got quite the nose on her and thats what $13,000 gets me. A sweet seal/bald eagle mix.


Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden’s Death

Al Qaeda released a statement on jihadist forums Friday confirming the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, according to SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors Islamist websites.

The development comes days after U.S. troops killed bin Laden in a raid on a compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad.

The statement, translated by SITE, lauded the late militant, threatened to take action against the United States, and urged Pakistanis to “rise up and revolt.”

Bin Laden’s death will serve as a “curse that chases the Americans and their agents, and goes after them inside and outside their countries,” the message said.

“Soon — with help from Allah — their happiness will turn into sorrow, and their blood will be mixed with their tears,” it said.

The statement said al Qaeda will “continue on the path of jihad, the path walked upon by our leaders … without hesitation or reluctance.”

“We will not deviate from that or change until Allah judges between us and between our enemy with truth. Indeed, He is the best of all judges. Nothing will harm us after that, until we see either victory and success and conquest and empowerment, or we die trying.”

It said that Americans “will never enjoy security until our people in Palestine enjoy it.”

“The soldiers of Islam, groups and individuals, will continue planning without tiredness or boredom, and without despair or surrender, and without weakness or stagnancy, until they cause the disaster that makes children look like the elderly!”

It urged Pakistanis “to cleanse this shame that has been attached to them by a clique of traitors and thieves” and “from the filth of the Americans who spread corruption in it.”

Bin Laden and other militants used the Internet to post messages to their followers before and after al Qaeda’s September, 11, 2001 attack on the United States.


There you go conspiracy supporters. He IS dead, now get your head out of your ass and stop making an argument over everything that happens in this world. These people suck, they waste their lives trying to harm others thinking that their afterlife is going to be euphoric. Crazy people. I hope we keep hunting them down one by one until they break and do it just like we did to Bin Laden. None of this capture and trial bull…just kill them, they do not deserve anything else. It just costs us Americans millions in the end.

Celts lose game 2

Chris Bosh,
Rajon Rondo

After the Celtics had fought back to tie the game at 80-80 midway through the fourth quarter, the Heat used a 14-0 run to put the game away and won 102- 91 on Tuesday night.

Rajon Rondo did his best to pull the Celtics within striking distance and finished with a team-high 20 points and game-high 12 assists, but it wasn’t enough to counter the firepower of LeBron James (35 points) and Dwyane Wade (28 points).


DAMMIT!!! I did not want to see them lose last nights game. Getting a win while you are away is absolutely essential. We played like shit, couldn’t contain Lebron, and just let Bibby have wide open shots. We were playing flat and our big three sucked. We need to win the next two games at home.